Questions About Dental Implants and Cleanings

Most people cannot imagine losing their adult natural teeth. Unfortunately, this could become a reality, whether a tooth gets accidentally knocked out or a tooth may need to be pulled it is best to know your replacement options.  Some common options are crowns, bridges, dentures, or dental implants.   To see which option will work best for your condition it is best to have a consultation with your dentist.  Depending on condition and budget — dental implants are usually the best choice.  Dental implants are a permanent solution to replace missing teeth, look similar to natural teeth and can improve mouth function. However, you should not take your dental implants for granted. 


Dental implants must be given the same care as if they were your actual teeth (because, in a sense, they are your teeth). When properly cared for, they are durable with a 98% success rate and can last your whole life. 


Are Regular Cleanings Necessary with Dental Implants?

Whether you have a few (with your regular teeth) or a mouthful, dental implants still need dental cleaning from a dentist. It is only natural to question why there is a need for a dentist if you have dental implants. 


The reality is that dental implants need the same kind of care as natural teeth. This means brushing them, flossing them, and using mouthwash. Plus, it means going to see the dentist regularly for check-ups. At the dentist, the hygienist will use another regimen for cleaning with special tools. They will not be looking for cavities but instead they will inspect your gums for possible disease and symptoms of dental implant infection known as Peri-implantitis. 


What is Peri-implantitis?

Peri-implantitis is a pathological condition occurring in tissues around dental implants, characterized by inflammation in the Peri-implant connective tissue and progressive loss of supporting bone.


Your dental implants need as much cleaning as regular teeth to ensure good oral health.


How Often Should You See a Dentist with Dental Implants? 

Every patient’s oral health is unique, and the protocol for them will also differ. It all depends on their situation; your dentist will recommend the best course of action and time-frame for you. Most dentists recommend that dental implant patients come in two times a year for a cleaning, more if there are any issues. 


Is A Dentist Necessary with A Removable Implant Prosthesis?

Absolutely. You may remove your prosthesis every day to brush and keep them looking their best, but you should still make an appointment every six months to be professionally cleaned and determine if the implants are still in good condition. Your Sahara dentist in Las Vegas can also determine if there are any possible complications with them – snaps, clips, or attachments – that must be addressed.  


A dentist will also do x-rays of your mouth to ensure the implants are healthy with supporting bone.