The Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

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Porcelain veneers are thin shells made to cover teeth and to improve the appearance of a smile.  Porcelain is white glass-like ceramic and a veneer is a decorative cover.  Charles Pincus invented veneers in 1928 for actors in film shoots.  In 1982, Simonsen and Calamia invented the improved porcelain variant.  Since then veneers have gained traction into the mainstream market.  As cosmetic dentistry technologies and procedures advance, prices became more affordable.  As a result, porcelain veneers are finding themselves in the smiles of millions. It is important to note that this procedure does NOT ruin, weaken, nor harm the teeth.  In fact, veneers often make teeth stronger than before. It is not a replacement for teeth, it is an enhancement. Take note though, as temporary veneers have many restrictions. These range from dietary restrictions to activity limitations.

Porcelain veneers are not always considered a permanent solution.  Although, if taken care of in a correct manner, porcelain veneers can last for decades!  Some people never have to replace them.  They can be for a single tooth or a whole smile. Many consider porcelain-veneers superior to resin-veneers.  They better mimic and reflect light similar to natural teeth.

HOW DO THEY WORK? Porcelain veneers replace the enamel on the teeth. By removing existing enamel, the dentist creates the space needed for a veneer insert. A less intense enhancement, Lumineers, is available to those who wish to keep their enamel. The dentist will prepare a tooth or teeth for veneers, by reshaping the surface of the teeth. This entails a numbing anesthetic, enamel trim, and veneer design. After the veneers are created the bonding process begins.  The dentist will fine-tune the veneers by first observing the fit. Necessary adjustments become obvious by placing the veneer atop the patient’s teeth. The dentist will trim the veneer until they craft the masterpiece that will be a perfect smile.

Porcelain veneers are more of a permanent option than Lumineers. They can last a lifetime and lessen the frequency of dental visits. Gum tissue, on a biological level, accepts porcelain with more ease than other veneers. This is due to porcelain’s pleasant property of mimicking a natural tooth. Plus, they are very stain resistant, unlike natural teeth.  On top of that, the color of a veneer can be fine-tuned to the patient’s preferences.  Opting for veneers avoids the extensive work crowns need. They also offer a more aesthetic and fortified alternative.


On deciding when to get porcelain veneers, everyone has a different opinion. People use them to fix tooth discoloration or teeth that have chipped, broken or worn-down. They are also used for misaligned or irregular looking teeth, or even to close the gap between teeth.

It is important to weigh in the opinion of the dentist as well, as they will be able to give professional advice. This will help the patient determine if it’s the best option for them. Not all dental offices offer porcelain veneers. The dentist office at Sahara Dental in Las Vegas does offer porcelain veneers. Not all offices have the same amount of experience with this procedure. A patient should be active and take part in the discussion. The patient should also be concise and explain the results they are trying to achieve. When everyone is on the same page on how to move forward, everyone will be happy with the results.

Invisalign: The Clear Option


Imagine yourself with a perfect smile, shining white teeth, all lined up in a clear and orderly fashion.

Had you read this a century ago, it would be nothing more than a fleeting daydream, where only the lucky enjoyed an easy smile. Thankfully, for the lot of us, we can all enjoy perfect, beautiful smiles all year round, and without the pain or structural rigors of metallic braces. Most of us remember when Invisalign first hit the market, considered by many to be more favorable than braces. While both are effective, why not get braces that are almost invisible?

Over the years, the planning, technology, and materials that go into creating Invisalign braces has been evolving and improving, resulting in a more efficient and comfortable fit. All it takes is a simple yet thorough scan, and a road map is fine-tuned by a dentist, to achieve the smile that both you and the dentist agree. Your dentist may show you the range of what is possible and healthy, and may provide suggestions, but you have the final say.  Thankfully, technology today even allows you to see how your smile will look on you before the process begins.

Highly Customized Aligner Plan & Design

Through utilizing a state-of-the-art process, aligners are created based off a digital scan. From that easy to capture scan, an advanced material engineered for comfort is formed into your aligner. For added comfort and a more polished look, each aligner is individually trimmed to fit your exact gumline. Through every stage of this process, periodic examinations are made, to ensure only the highest of standards are met.

What to expect next

After receiving the beginning of your perfect smile, the first aligner, the dentists at SDC will double check that everything was properly finished. Ask any and all questions that come to mind, and mention any concerns you may have, your dentist will be more than happy to explain everything. Good questions to ask include discussing your insurance, monthly payment plans, how long your treatment will last, the total costs, and how the treatment will begin.

Each and every stage is like a milestone, and you will be able to see the difference with each new aligner. You may soon notice that your old aligner no longer fits, and there is no better proof and finer feeling as your teeth aligning. A beautiful thing about Invisalign is you still get to enjoy all your favorite foods, from movie theatre popcorn, to the crunchiest of almonds and protein bars.


These aligners will need to be worn for 20-22 hours a day for the best, and the fastest results. This means that you will have just enough time to eat, and perhaps a 2-hour break, depending on how you schedule your day.

Each aligner is a phase that only lasts about a week or two, with check-ups every six to eight weeks. A little pressure and possibly soreness may last a few days the beginning of each week or two, but this is normal and should not impose any sort of significant barrier to everyday life. You will want to utilize an Invisalign cleaning system to keep your aligners crystal clear and picture perfect, on top of rinsing them and gently brushing them. The entire cleaning process only takes a few minutes out of your day once you understand how to perform it correctly. Other than generally straightening teeth, Invisalign can effectively provide remedies for baby or permanent teeth; gaps or crowded teeth; and over, under, open or cross bites.

What makes Invisalign the world’s leading clear aligner?

Invisalign is the pioneer and the leader of the clear aligner market. Millions of smiles have been transformed since its advent, with hundreds of industry-changing technologies under its belt to match. Since 1997, Invisalign has gone over 7 major advances including improving treatment timespans, material innovations and digital scanning for top-notch accuracy. Other brands use inferior materials and lack in precise and accurate designs, as Invisalign utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and highly refined patents that leave no room for competition. In this day and age, although metal braces are still effective, if you want a corrected and a perfect smile then Invisalign is the clear option! It will change your life!

Start 2020 With a Smile


As the new year begins, you may create a list of resolutions that includes things like going after a big promotion, finding a romantic partner, volunteering to help others, or simply finding happiness. No matter what your plans, a bright, healthy, and attractive smile can help you achieve them. After all, when you feel confident because you know your teeth look good, you can achieve great things with ease.

How can you start the new year with a smile that you will be proud to show off? Add proper dental care or cosmetic dentistry procedures to your New Year’s resolution list.

Healthy Dental Options for a New Year of Smiles

Anyone in the SIn City with dental problems that cause you to hide your smile, feel discomfort when biting and chewing, or make it difficult to practice the best oral hygiene possible can get a great boost to their health and well-being by visiting your local Las Vegas dentist Sahara Dental for the new year. With the advancements in digital imaging, 3D printing, and in-house production of crowns and implants, you have more options than ever before.

If you have all your teeth but they are misaligned, braces and other straightening products like Invisalign can help you feel your best and have a much more pleasant time in the future. Although all of these things help to make your mouth healthier, they also provide a boost to your appearance. Forget vanity. The confidence you get when you are able to smile fully does wonders for your self-esteem and how other people see you.

Reclaim Your Confidence With Cosmetic Dentistry

From long-term teeth straightening to simpler procedures like whitening and veneers, you have more opportunities than ever before to get the smile of your dreams. Cosmetic dentistry does so much more than make you look better on an everyday basis. People respond in a friendlier manner when you can smile openly at them. When you stop hiding behind your hand or a tense expression, you will find that you feel better about yourself overall. This can lead to great things for the rest of your life, too. Go after that promotion, get ready to date and find the love of your life, or simply spread happiness wherever you go with a gleaming smile.

As you write down your list of New Year’s resolutions, add dental procedures and cosmetic dentistry near the top. Do not forget to add improved habits of regular brushing, flossing, and scheduled dental office visits, too. These things will not only help you look and feel your best for the next 12 months, but they can affect your entire life in unexpected ways.