Back To School Dental Checkups

Start the school year with a healthy, bright smile.  As the Clark County School District officially open its doors on August 9th, families prepare by buying school supplies, new clothes and creating activity schedules makes this the perfect time to schedule your families’ dental checkups too.  Scheduling these appointments before school starts also helps keep a consistent dental scheduling routine and help avoid attendance absenteeism.

Sahara Dental Las Vegas knows that once the school year starts schedules will fill up fast and making a dental appointment may no longer be a priority.  Making and maintaining a clear and practical schedule means less time missed from school so students can stay on the right track.  According to studies, excellent dental health will contribute to better overall healthiness.

Approximately 52 million school hours are missed every year due to common dental issues. Children that have tooth decay left untreated can lead to consequences such as infections and malnutrition. As a result, your child could have a more difficult time focusing on class activities. Dental cavities are one of the leading causes of illness for children!  Maintaining a dental schedule of every six months helps discover potential dental problems as early as possible and treat them before they become too costly in time or money.

Let us help keep your family’s oral health in great shape throughout the school year.

Staying in school helps keeps grades up and students on the right track to success.

Appointments are filling up fast, schedule your cleaning / checkup today!